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Last week, this e-mail was dropped in my inbox. All e-mails are translated from Norwegian by me, name and e-mail address also removed by me:

Subject: nice try
From: Vegard Xxxxxx
Date: 03.11.2005 15:10

but not very legal, is it…?

An interesting mail, I’ve obviously tried something which isn’t legal. Another interesting detail is that the guy shares my first name. I send this reply:

Subject: Re: nice try
To: Vegard Xxxxxx
Date: 03.11.2005 20:21

hmmm? what?


Vegard Xxxxxx wrote:
but not very legal, is it…?

Later the same day he sends this reply back:

Subject: SV:Re: nice try
From: Vegard Xxxxxx
Date: 03.11.2005 23:40

This is probably you:

From: Vegard Xxxxxx []
Sent: 27. October 2005 15:00
Subject: Deleting a domain


I’d like to have my domain deleted immediately. Do I have
to send a form or is this a simple matter since it’s not a .no domain?
I’m using this e-mail address from now on.

Best regards

Vegard Xxxxxx

Didn’t work, of course.
Remembered you from this one:


So, basically, what this guy is doing is that he accuses me of being a domain hijacker! The nerve of some people! Based on a single e-mail sent from a gmail account created using his name and an entry I wrote three years ago, he now throws this in my face. The following day, I sent him this e-mail in return:

Subject: Re:SV:Re: nice try
To: Vegard Xxxxxx
Date: 04.11.2005 11:04


The first time someone would accuse me of being a low life domain thief, I had
thought it would be with a little more hard evidence than an e-mail sent from a
gmail account and an entry I wrote almost three years ago. I lease the domain and is happy with that. I have no interest in — unless
it becomes available of natural reasons.

So, no, this is not me.

Best regards,
Vegard Skjefstad

I haven’t heard anything back from him yet. Please, the next time you decide to throw anything like this at me, try to back it up with something a tad tighter. This is just ridiculous. Thank you.

Maybe the same person who tried to hijack his domain also tried to hijack mine. I don’t know, but I certainly don’t hope so.

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