I’m turning into a serious SETI@home addict. If you check my surfing log, there is a good chance that the SETI@home site is the site I visit most frequently. I’m constantly trying to convince people to crunch work units using my account just to boost my rank in the Norway team. The kind webmaster over at SETIatWork added Norway to his statistics, which means I can use his site to figure out how long it will take to overtake other user, if anyone is threatening me somewhere down the list, how many WUs I crunch on an average day and so on. Goodie.

One new Carlson strip for you today:

Stuart Carlson

Today I’m teaming up with Helge to write an overview and a presentation of an extremely boring article. We’re not going to hold the presentation until the 22nd of October, but it’s good to get all the work done now.