After all is said and done, more is said than done

Damn it. On the last two basketball practices I’ve played like a bitch, doing very few nice moves, if any moves at all. To make a long story short enough for you; I’ve outright sucked. That’s bad. The good thing is that there are no more games to play. The bad thing is that these are probably some of my last basketball practices ever, since I’m playing on a student team and that I’m most likely done being a student in early June. If I’m not, that also a bad thing. Very, very bad thing. Tomorrow I’m talking to my supervisor about my preliminary report. A thing I don’t look forward to.

And since my life as a student is coming to a bitter end, I have to start looking for work. I’ve applied to a couple of vacancies, got on answer back where they said that looking through all the applications would take a while. Fair enough. I’ve also sent out some general applications, just to let various companies, like IBM and Hewlett-Packard know that I exist. I’ve probably sent out ten or so of those “Hi-I-don’t-have-a-job-please-give-me-one”-letters, and I’ve got two answers. Both rejections. “We don’t need you right now, but we’ll put you in our archives and contact you when we have an open position”. The archive is probably the office shredder. Wish me the best of luck, I’ll need it. But if everything else fails, I’ve still got the IIITM.

I might have discovered yet another über-cool band playing supa-über-cool music. Check out Smile Empty Soul. Not only do they have a very good band name, their single is a smash. If the album, which are released on the 27th of May, are as good as the single, I’m getting it - make no mistake about it. If I can get my local music store to order it for me, that is. I think I’ll go down there and ask them if they can order the latest albums from Cold (Year of the Spider, in stores May 13th) and Revis (Places for Breathing, no release date yet) tomorrow. Come to think of it, I don’t need to do it just yet, since none of the albums are released. But some day I will. And it will be a nice day. For sure.

I like to listen to music. Make no mistake about that, either.


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