After the Storm

After three weeks of vacation I’m now back in the mud. Not only have I started working again, but I’m also on support duty. When on support duty I’m always extremely paranoid for the first day or so, checking our monitoring systems every 5 minutes, constantly looking at the inbox for e-mails and duct taping the support phone to my left ear to make sure I’m not missing any calls or texts that might come in.

To be honest, it’s wearing me out a bit, and I wish I could handle it better mentally.  I should be able to relax, the monitoring system will inform me the second something is wrong with a myriad of text messages, e-mails and whatnot, so there is no need to be this proactive.

Ah, there you go, had to check the monitoring system again. And nothing was wrong this time either. So I had to check it again. Which I did now. Nothing amiss. Still nothing.

As you might have noticed, I used the last day of my vacation to re-design the site once again. The last design, which I downloaded from some WordPress theme site, lasted for about 9 days before I got dead tired of it. The new design I almost created myself, you can probably see that from the extreme simplicity. I lack the creative skills to create a proper Web 2.0 design, so I’m probably stuck with pre-Web 1.0 for ever. Not that it matters really. So far I feel the design is good enough. There is, however, room for improvement, like on the navigation side.


Here’s another pic from the thunderstorm that hit Oslo a few weeks back. Not as dramatic as the previous one, but still. Enjoy.

Summer Evening Thunderstorm, Oslo, Norway, 2008.


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