End of summer vacation. Back to college. It’s going to be great fun. Or at least I hope it will. I have to take one of last years math courses again. I suck in math. I have always sucked in math and math-ish subjects. Physics for instance. God damn…

Physics is bad because you have to learn a lot of really strange formulas. Take these laws of Newton for instance. Great stuff. I’m glad that apple fell down from the tree hit him in the head. But I wish it had hit him a bit harder. Or rather much harder. The freackin' three should have hit him in the head.

I’m not going to college to be able to calculate at what angle you have to throw a baseball at 200 feet to hit your sister in the head at a speed of 40.2 feet per second. And thank God for that. I really don’t want to throw things at my sisters anyway.

Screw Physics.

(you can’t use a single one of the formulas for a real practical problem because none of them was put together with the force of air in mind. great.)

I’m going to college so that I can code nice programs for you so that your everyday life becomes a bit easier to cope with. But seriously, I think it’s easy enough as it is today. Everything is so damn easy that we have all just stopped thinking. Take the Jerry Springer show for instance. I bet my left nut that none of the people on that show - or in the audience for that matter - think - at all. Empty. Vacuum. Or if they think it’s something simple like “I’m gonna punch that fuck in the face because punching people in the face is fun and I get payed to do it, so that all the hillbillies sitting at home can push even more junk into their mouths and get even fatter.”

Screw white trailer park trash.

People are getting fatter. Soon we have to move some of the fat people in America over to the Western part of Europa so that the planet won’t tip around. The only person not getting any fatter is me. I hate that. I’m thin. Way to thin. At secondary school I got nick names like “Pin” and “Mosquito”. Great, eh? But I guess everyone have to put up with something. But I wish I could put on some weight. Ironic isn’t it? Thousands die of hunger in Africa, people in America (and Europe for that matter) are getting fatter and fatter, models starve themselves to death (watching an episode of Fashion Line is a bit like watching a new cast from Africa) and here I am, hoping to put on some weight. God has (if he or she exists, which I doubt) a fucking bad sense of humor.

Screw god.

“You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.” – Faithless

(guessed that pissed of about half of the worlds population, but what the heck.)

But if I don’t believe in any god, why is it then, that I have sweared by the name of the Christian god several times during this rant? Because it sounds good. When I watch movies, I usually watch Hollywood movies. Words like “fuck”, “son of a bitch” and (yes) “god damn” are words and phrases that are repeated several times in most of them. As a result of this, they have become a natural part of my English vocabulary. Movies can affect people. Some people say that “the movie made me do it” when they kill people. I say that they had it in them all the time. But I might be wrong. I have never killed anyone.

Screw Hollywood.

“Space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a Hollywood basement.” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

I really, really do not believe in a higher power. I believe in what I see. What I observe. And I have never seen an angel, the devil or anything looking even a bit like a higher (or lesser) power. I see good things, but I do not believe that they are the work of some loving god. I see bad things, but I do not believe that they are the work of some devil. All I see is the work of man. And most of the things I see man do are really bad shit.

Screw man.

(by now I have probably pissed of about 99% of the worlds population. stick with me, last 1%, I’ll probably piss you off soon.)

Words are power. Take a word like “fuck” for instance. Loaded with power. And emotions. Some people consider the word bad. I don’t think it is. Other words are worse. “Nazi” for instance. It makes me sick. It makes me want to break something. Preferably a nazi.

Screw nazis.

(I seriously hope I did not piss of the last 1% with that one)

My head is empty now. I’ll just have to piss of the rest of you some other time…