A nightly build of the Instant Messenger you just have to love, Miranda, with AIM support was released today. A lot of users have missed this feature, and have only been able to connect to AIM through Jabber transports. But that’s not necessary anymore. Download Miranda now! You’ll never need another IM.

Today, which is Friday, thank god, marks the end of my first week as a good student. By “good” I mean that I have been at the university at eight in the morning (almost) every day and haven’t left until four in the afternoon. I didn’t quite make it down as early as eight on Thursday and today, and on Thursday I left at around three instead of four, so I think I’ll say the project was about 60% successful. Next week, I’m going for 90%.

Yesterday evening was poker night. Me, Hallvard, Klas, Kjetil, Erlend and a friend of Erlend, whose name I didn’t quite catch, met at our place with a buttload of change and three decks of cards. I think I came out of it without losing nor winning any money, and you can’t be unsatisfied with a result like that, I guess. Even though winning lots and lots of money would have been better. I like money.