All religion breeds fundamentalism. Period

Since there really wasn’t anything constructive I had to do today - I probably should replace the brakes on my bike and clean the rest of the apartment, but that can wait, the day is still young - I spent the morning following more or less random links around in the blog sphere. If you plan to do this yourself, I have to warn you, you come across all kinds of things. Like the blog at Little Green Footballs Web Design. You would of course think that a company with “Web Design” in their company name would boost a blog about, you know, web design. But then again no. I’ve only began to scratch the surface, but it seems to me that this blog is generally about Jews throwing heavy objects at people who are not Jews.

Take the post about Muslim football teams planning a tournament for the New Year’s weekend in Irvine for instance. Basically, there is no harm in that. What the readers of LGF object to are the names of the teams. Like Soldiers of Allah. Probably not the most politically correct name these days, but hey. The main reason why people don’t like this is probably that it makes them think of Muslim extremists blowing up Jews, which has happened a lot lately.

The post has spawned a lot of great and well thought-through comments. “Dammit, do these people ever think about anything OTHER than murder?”, ironically posted by a guy calling himself Deathberg. “lets form a team called the jerusalem crusaders or avengers of constantinople, or muslim converts for jesus the real god…”. “deport them”. And many other gems.

It looks like any religion can be bad for you. I’m an atheist. And I’m very often glad I am, because I think it enables me to see clearly. I don’t want to blow up synagogues, burn down churches or demolish mosques.

I don’t take backups, I rely on Echelon for that.


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