All Right, I Get It

I’ll say. My previous post didn’t exactly result in a raging discussion. Only one comment, although a good one, that should’ve been like fuel on the fire that I tried to lit. But no. What’s the matter with you people? Are you only coming here for the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll stories? Well, I don’t blame you, there has been nothing but tsunami news everywhere all week and then some, so I guess reading totally mindless ramblings is a nice break from reality.

So, here goes. Welcome to the story of my so called life.

Today: Work, dinner, the first quarter of a boring basket ball match on TV, a long job, a shower and now I’m sitting here writing this. Not that exiting, but not that unexciting either. And I’m only wearing my boxers! Kinky! You want me to turn on the webcam now, don’t you? You wicked little monkey boy, you! Got any money? No?


Yesterday I met Hallvard and Klas. They were both on their way back to Trondheim, back to work and school. Klas still has to study some more up North, but Hallvard is free to go where ever he wants, so I think he should get his head out of his ass and move to Oslo. Like all the other cool kids.

Ola just called, he wants me to see The Grudge with him. Thanks, but no thanks. Go away.

On Saturday I’m probably getting back on the dating train. And I’m strangely exited about it, probably has got something to do with the person I’m meeting. So far, so good. Let’s hope that history fails to repeat itself this time, and that this person is as nice in real life as she is in writing.

I did some changes to the cast tonight, have a look and see if you can spot them. The dates might not be correct, because I had to dig up some pictures before I could put it online.


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