All the small pieces

I haven’t got that much to write today, really. Or, to be honest, I do. But I’m not going to write all of it.

Today I finally found time to take my bike to the repair shop. It it looks like they managed to fix it, at least I hope it’ll behave for a while. But it’s still making a few squeaking noises. I’ve been overly social this week, so tonight I go nerdal again (this is a bad pun on postal). I plan to get the comments feature up and running tonight, or at least some time during the weekend. And I’ve got a half-finished theme laying around on my hard drive that I might also finish, if I find the time.

Sometimes I wish I had a site with access restrictions, some way to stop people in Norway from accessing my site, or at least parts of it. It’s not the hardest thing to do, I could just check the IP address and stop requests from Norwegian ISPs, but sometimes the IP ranges don’t match a single country. That makes everything a bit hard. And I think I have to pay for IP range information. And that makes it even harder. And not something I would bother with. Maybe some sort of subscription service is better? Hmmm…

Looks like the Pete Yorn album isn’t arriving until Monday, so I gave up on waiting and asked Hallvard to download it for me.


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