I’m back from a short Easter vacation in the North of Norway. Because of the interweb I could not tell you before I left. I know it’s a bit paranoid, but someone could accidently come across the site, see that I would be gone for five days and empty the apartment while I was gone. I’d rather be a bit paranoid than on the receiving end of a break-in. Or as Michael “I’ll-never-ever-play-a-good-guy” Wincott said it in the best movie ever made:

Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale.

Anyway. The point is that I’m back and now I can tell you about it. I spent five days with Gine, her sister and her father in a one-horse town in Nord-TrΓΈndelag. During that time I met the bulk of their relatives in the county, nice people.

I took a lot of pictures, you have to do something in a place with no internet connection. Eventually I’ll probably put one or two online.