All The Way There.

I’m back from a short Easter vacation in the North of Norway. Because of the interweb I could not tell you before I left. I know it’s a bit paranoid, but someone could accidently come across the site, see that I would be gone for five days and empty the apartment while I was gone. I’d rather be a bit paranoid than on the receiving end of a break-in. Or as Michael “I’ll-never-ever-play-a-good-guy” Wincott said it in the best movie ever made:

Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale.

Anyway. The point is that I’m back and now I can tell you about it. I spent five days with Gine, her sister and her father in a one-horse town in Nord-Tr√łndelag. During that time I met the bulk of their relatives in the county, nice people.

I took a lot of pictures, you have to do something in a place with no internet connection. Eventually I’ll probably put one or two online.

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  1. Vegard, Vegard, Vegard.. I think your readers know you well enough by now to assume that 10 postless days signify that you are off the grid somewhere. The reason you haven’t been looted yet, is that I was away too. Damnit.