Almost There.

This evening was an evening of options. Go to Gunnar‘s place and play RISK, or play some Battlefield 2 with Bjarne and Christoffer. I chose none, because I got home a bit late from work. And when I got home, work continued to haunt and follow me around.

The Girl was wondering why suddenly no-one was commenting the entries. Maybe it was because they knew she was reading and that they were afraid to write something they shouldn’t? I guess the reason is that my #1 commenter is busy, busy, busy these days.

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  1. Seems like an excellent opportunity for me to climb the most-comments-ladder. I know, I’ve long way to go, but a guy can hope, cant he?
    When are you gonna tell us her name, and stop calling her “The Girl”?

    • Me Tarzan, you woman.
  2. vegard: you’re right. I have been neglecting you lately. I am very sorry for that, but you already know the reason. work has piled up on all fronts and I have too much going on. I seriously need to go away somewhere soon.

    Kristoffer: I expect alot of Tarzan-talk on the boat to Denmark this coming weekend. I’ll provide my part for sure. hehe…

  3. Klas: You will go away somewhere soon, on our boat trip to Denmark this weekend. Its gonna be a classic :-)

    V: Maybe you’ll get more comments if you start writing about cool and exiting trips to Denmark with me and Klas, instead of boring trips to Rome with some dude that doesnt know how to dress properly when going to church?


    I think this is my comment #60. Yay me!

  4. I’d love to tell you more about The Girl, but I’m not sure how much she wants the public to know, really. Maybe she can introduce herself?

    As for our boat trip this weekend, I’m pretty sure it will turn into an epic tale of heroes and their deeds, and the people on the ship will probably talk about us for years to come.

  5. Do you guys think that I should bring my flippers in case I get thrown over board? it’s hell of a lot easier to swim in the sea with a couple of fins you know…

    “…epic tales of heroes and their deeds… ”