Alpine MusicSafe Pro Review

Looking for a pair of concert earplugs that will protect your hearing without spoiling the live music experience? Here's my Alpine MusicSafe Pro review.

I love listening to music, and as an extension of that, I’m careful with my hearing. Unfortunately, after 4+ years with kids in the house, my hearing has sustained some damage. I’ve been careless when picking up crying kids, and a kid crying directly into your ear can easily do irreparable damage to your hearing.

Since that happened, my goal has been to prevent further harm, mostly by avoiding more loud noises1. Last weekend, however, I did the complete opposite, and went to see The Midnight live with my better half. But we came prepared: Enough beer money, and two pairs of Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro

My ears have always been difficult when it comes to earplugs. When I was in the army, I constantly struggled getting the earplugs in properly on the firing range. Those damn yellow foam things just wouldn’t fit properly. The Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs gave me the same challenge, but when I finally managed to cram them in, they felt very comfortable. I wore them for the good part of 90 minutes, and I only had to adjust them twice. With a little practice, I’m sure they’ll slip straight in, and stay there.

During the concert, we were standing about 10 meters (32 feet) from the main speakers. Without the earplugs, my right ear crackled like an old, malfunctioning FM radio. But with the Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs stuffed well into me ear canal, the experience was quite different. There was no crackling or discomfort. I heard all the instruments, the vocals was crystal clear, and I was even able to listen to people talk in between songs.

I should have started wearing these earplugs around the clock the minute we got kids.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro overview information written in Dutch.
Alpine MusicSafe Pro information. Great if you know Dutch.

It’s a No-Brainer

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs come with three interchangeable filters. The white, silver, and gold filters will remove 24, 26, and 27 dB of noise respectively, while preserving excellent music quality. For my test, I used the heavy duty filters. The kit also includes a handy storage box, a strap, and even a spare earplug.

Take good care of your hearing. If it gets damaged, the damage can’t be undone. Purchase a pair of Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs today. They retail for $34.95 , which is a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it. With these earplugs, you can enjoy all your future concerts knowing that you won’t wake up the next day with damaged hearing, and that infamous ringing in your ears.

The Alpine MusicSafe Pro might even be a good idea if you’re not planning on going to any concerts, but simply have really loud kids. The earplugs should probably be mandatory equipment for all you poor souls working in kindergartens.

  1. No, I’m not just letting the kids stand on the floor crying. There’s no need to call child services. ↩︎


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