It’s been fairly quiet on this blog now for the last month. The reason is mainly overtime at work. But that all ends tomorrow when I finally set sail for the US of A and the road trip that has been in the pipe since 2009. I’m going with Klas, Hans Olav and Hallvard, three easy-going fellas I’m looking forward to spending two weeks on the American west coast with.

Given that all of us manage to get through immigrations in one piece, this is our itinerary as it stands right now:

  • Salt Lake City to Elko
  • Elko to Reno
  • Reno to San Francisco
  • San Francisco to Monterey
  • Monterey to Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara to Las Vegas (via Los Angeles)
  • Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

Unless AVIS decides to screw us over, we’ll do all this in a “Luxury Lincoln Town Car or similar”, which will be nice. Space enough for four people and their luggage. Everyone will hopefully travel light anyway. As you can see we’ll mostly be spending our time on the west coast or at least in the western USA. We going without all the details ironed out, which is a good ting, because it gives us the freedom to do things as we arrive at the various locations and for instance trade a day in Monterey for an extra day in Santa Barbara. But there are of course some things you have to do, like cross Golden Gate in San Francisco, dive (Klas) and fish (the rest of us) in Monterey and visit Grand Canyon while in Las Vegas. We’ll skip Los Angeles altogether.

I doubt that I’ll be updating while out traveling, but hopefully I’ll post a picture every now and then. See ya!


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