And bring a friend

I usually end up doing the things I promise. Eventually. If I promise to, say, paint your house, you’ll probably see it done within reasonable time - ten years or so. When I promise to burn a copy of a Live CD for you, you’ll probably have in less than six months. And when I promised you yesterday to post the pictures from this weekend’s party today, you probably thought that I would post them today. But no. After 9+ hours in the grinder, being there another half an hour was not what I wanted to do, so I went home instead. Yeah, shame on me, I know. But I’ll have them online for you tomorrow. I promise. For what it’s worth.

Terje, Ola and Hege have now read through what I’ve written about them and they were all pleased, so I guess I don’t have to change anything. Even Hege’s sister, Nina, was flattered because of the sentence I wrote about her. I didn’t think she would ever read it, but she did. It’s a small world. Both Hege and Ola were less pleased with their picture, I guess I’ll get the chance to take better photos of them some time.

Kine is visiting tomorrow. She is coming to Oslo to meet a friend and she was planning to stay at a hotel. No need to do that, I’ve got plenty of space at my place, even got two spare bed rooms at the moment. And a couch that turn into a bed in the living room. She can even bring any single, female friend who might accidentally join her.

Tomorrow: Pictures. Fingers crossed.


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