...and now for something completely different

Well, not really. This update is more or less like any other update, it’s just me whining and complaining about stuff. Mostly.

After I returned home from Oslo around 23:00 on Wednesday, I found my bike with a flat front tyre. Not too surprising really, considering that the bike had been parked in downtown Trondheim for 2 days and all the sixth formers running around half naked - it’s a Norwegian thing. It’s cool when you are a sixth former, rather annoying when you’re not.

Since I wasn’t very surprised, it didn’t piss me off either, so I just carried my bike to the nearest gas station to inflate the tyre. Unfortunately, it turned out that it wasn’t just punks who had let the air out, I really had a flat tyre. Then I got pissed off. It was a fucking long walk home - and this was the third time I had fixed that tyre. Of course I could have hailed a cab, but I decided I could use the exercise. One thing is for sure - I will never become a bicycle mechanic.

So, now my bike is standing outside my flat - with it’s lack of air in the front wheel. Tomorrow I have to stroll downtown to buy a new tube.

Yesterday was the annual 16th of May, party-party-evening. We started out down at Kjetil and Thong’s house where it all ended with community singing. A few lucky ones even got a singing phone call. Like Marita (one of the fine girls who I went to Brazil with) and her friends. After that some of us dropped by a flat party before we walked up to Moholt, a large student district. I guess between 1500 and 2000 students had decided to do the same. One helluva party.

At Moholt I met Stine and we spent the rest of the evening talking about us and what to do in the future. Not too much sensible came out of it, but I guess it’s a good thing that we are able to talk. I walked her home from Moholt before I went back to my place - a one hour detour.

And now: Something else!

Me and some other guys (Morten, Terje, Ola, Junior, Stig & Hallvard to be exact) went to Ayia Napa for a week during the summer of 1999. Sitting at Oslo Airport Gardermoen I suddenly heard some nice grooves from one of the many pubs there. I went over to the guy behind the bar and asked to have a look at the cover of the CD he was playing. It turned out to be Serve Chilled, a compilation from the British Hed Kandi label (unstable web site). Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get my hands on the compilation - until I came across Serve Chilled 1, 2 and 3 in Oslo on Wednesday. I bought them all, over $60 worth of CDs. Something my budget really can’t handle.

Unfortunately, it looks like the damn bartender showed me the wrong cover! I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t playing Serve Chilled that day at the airport. After some surfing on the Hed Kandi, I think he was playing another of their compilations, Nu Cool. Damn! It’s not that the Serve Chilled CDs are not any good, they rock - in a chilled kind of way. But it’s not the CDs I wanted. And now I can’t afford to buy any of the Nu Cool compilations. Oh, well - life goes on.

In other budget-related news it looks like I might have fixed my faulty Denon amplifier.Today it totally broke down and made some seriously annoying hissing sounds in the bass/mid-tone area, Since the warranty is long gone, I unscrewed the cover and removed most of the dust inside. A smooth operation. And now it looks like it’s back to normal, no hissing sounds. Goodie!

Tomorrow, I have to start reading for my end term exams - again. The last one! Next Saturday! Weee! The site may pass the 10.000 hits milestone before June is here. Weee! This turned out to be a rather long rambling, if you took the time to read it all, I must congratulate you!


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