And Thanks For All The Shrimp.

I guess it’s time for a quick update from the Far East.

On Tuesday morning I crossed the border into mainland China, a process that went surprisingly well. Long queues, yes, but Chinese efficiency quickly cleared everyone and I was not pulled to the side and presented with the rubber glove. Certainly a good thing.

I’ve learned a new Chinese (Mandarin) word, the word for “shrimp” – “sha”, probably not spelled right by I think that’s the way to pronounce it. This brings the words in my Chinese vocabulary up to a total number of three and I’m now capable of surviving on shrimp for a long period of time: “Ni hao (hello)”!. “Sha (shrimp)”. “Xie xie (thank you)”! My relation to Chinese food is still pretty much the same as it was the last time; close eyes and try not to think about what the stuff inside might be. The good news is that I’m getting better with the chopsticks, now my host is not asking for a fork for me at every restaurant we eat.

It’s one in the night here now, so it’s about time to go to sleep. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Beijing and will return to Shenzhen on Tuesday evening for more training and business meetings.

I’d like to thank the genius creators of Skype for enabling me to talk to Gine back in Norway for 15 minutes for just under €2. I called her on her cellular and I can’t even imagine the price I would have had to pay if I were to call her from my cellular from China.

Good night.

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  1. enjoy china, my friend. and eat stuff you can’t get here. like cats, dogs and insects. yeah. wouldn’t that be something to tell the grandchildren. “when grandpa went to china… ” hehe

  2. Actually, since I’m a white guy, I’m usually asked if I want a beer almost everywhere I go. Shrimp, on the other hand, I have to ask for myself for some reason.

  3. Here’s another one for the Guangdong province incl Hong Kong: “Diu lei lo mo!”. To be shouted out loudly at the airport personel when your plane is delayed for more than 3 hours. Beware: Explicit, and involves one of the parents.