I’m converting to Norwegian. But it’ll take some time. Today I started the process of translating the site into Norwegian, but it was hard. I was unable to translate much of what I’d written into good Norwegian, and I probably have to re-write everything. That’s more than a night’s work and it requires motivation, which I don’t have much of right now. I might be done in a week or so. Or a month. You’ll notice. If the number of visitors decrease a lot, I’ll go back to writing in English.

Today I finally solved the weird NutBeans problem. It only took me seven days and the solution was to either add a single line of extra code or one more library in my JAR-file and everything worked flawlessly. Talk about seven wasted days, eh? I celebrated the event by heading home three hours before I was supposed to…

As soon as the GIMP site is up and running again, I’ll probably download it and replace my pirated copy of Paint Shop Pro. It’s a very good piece of software, but it costs a bag of money and in my quest to go completely legal when it comes to the software I have on my computer, I’m looking for a good replacement. And GIMP might just be it.

And that’s about it for today’s update.