And then, everything is back to normal – sort

I almost had my first class today. By “almost” is pretty obvious that I didn’t actually have my first class today, which I was supposed to. The reason? Well, it wasn’t me. I was a good boy and I was there for my class and so were everybody else but no lecturer showed up. Goodie. Here I get up at…erh…early…to go to a class, but nooooo, I could have stayed in bed. To bad I can’t see the future.

So now I’m at home and I’m tired and I’m waiting for my next lecture, which starts in an hour or so. And maybe, just maybe, someone will come and tell me about stuff they think are important for me to remember. Whee…

And after that I’m heading down to Stine‘s place. She cooks today. Free food for me!

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad