The days are spinning past me! I’ve been rather busy at the university, gathering the pieces to get my 9th-semester project running. So far, I feel that on schedule, or at least on may way to find a good schedule. I’ve got a project page up and running here if you want to have a look. So far, it’s a little slim, but hope it will build some body weight as time passes by.

I’m still unable to get my hands on CLUE, so you’ll have to excuse the return of the rather basic 4th-grade English. I’ll hopefully fix that and some other computer related problems (I got a really shitty workstation to use with my project) tomorrow.

Gotta read an article now. I hope that this project-thingy doesn’t take up to much of my time, since I’m kind of hoping to have a life on the side. And there are people who demand some of my time, too. On the other hand, I’ve only got about $45 that’s supposed to last about two weeks, so there is not much fun I can do outside my flat.