And There We Went Again

Yesterday was interesting.

First I went with Liv Marie to a shit load of clothes stores. Note to self: If a girl says she is going to one specific store, she’s lying to you. What she’s really going to do is to go into more or less every single store on the way to the store she told you she was originally going to. What was supposed to be a quick, thirty minutes trip turned out to last for two hours plus. But I got a nice pair of trousers, so I guess it was worth it.

After that, I grabbed my photo gear and joined Hans Olav on a photo safari in Frognerparken. Lots of nice colours, but we had some trouble with clouds that decided to cover the sun every time we took off the lens caps. Still, I got a few semi-good ones, but not good enough to add to the gallery. We also tested the 300D’s auto bracketing feature, and one of the series I took could turn in to a nice picture as soon as I’m able to do the necessary PhotoShop magic. Once again, I’m looking at you, Tor Olav.

On our way back trough the park, we were stopped by two girls who desperately wanted us to take their picture. “Are you guys photographers”, one of them asked. “No”, I said, but the answer could have been another if they were a couple of years older. Anyway, I took a picture of them and got one of the girls e-mail address so I could send it to her. The picture turned out to be quite good, except for a bad choice of background that needs to be re-touched. I might add it to the gallery when me or Hans Olav has done the editing.

Like Hans Olav said: “I really enjoy living in Oslo”. I second that.

If you read the title of this entry and yesterday’s entry, you’ve probably guessed that, yes, I did go out on a date yesterday. Or at least I met someone, not all people like to call it a “date”. I do, though. I’m not going to bother you with any details; even though that’s probably what you all want. Actually, I didn’t really go out on a date, I invited her over for dinner, I was getting really hungry, and was preparing enough food for two. Inviting someone you don’t know that well to your apartment is probably not the most rational thing to do, but I’m still alive. And that’s all you really need to know about that matter.

Tonight I’m once again losing in Risk at Gunnar’s place.


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