And This is the Second Post With the New Design!

Ah, well… This post wasn’t ment for the public, it was originally just written to check out how things would look on a new design I’m working with. Actually, I shouldn’t be working on anything designish (or even a little fun) right now - I should read stuff and prepare for tomorrow. Because tomorrow is school.

My girlfriend (writing that is kind of strange, but I still write it) is visiting the girlfriend of a friend of mine (ah, this suddenly gave me an idea for a new section - I just hate it when I have to refer to people in posts with “someone I met that know someone which is the brother of a sisters friend of mine” - it’s much better to use name - so I think I’ll make an Actors or People or Participants section. Let’s start by using names right away).

Stine is visiting Kine (Klas’ girlfriend) for some serious girl talk, I guess. And it makes me fucking nervous! I don’t know why, it just does. And that sucks… What will they talk about?! What will Kine say? Will Stine say something that makes Kine say something like “Why the freackin’ hell are you with this guy” and that would make Stine think a little and then suddenly she will plead insanity and run away like the wind. We’ll see… Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, because I’m seriously starting to like the girl.

And what happens if she reads this - she don’t even know I’ve got a site like this, I think.

Actually, I’ve been reconsidering the actual concept of writing more or less personal stuff on the web. On Saturday, we had a party at my place and I let a girl I know (whops, forgot to use her name - it’s Maria) have a look at a few things I wrote when I had my last project ( up and running. She just looked strangly at me when she was done… Which is usually not a very good thing.

And what is it with this need for telling all this? Why do I do it? Couldn’t I just stand on a bench at the town square and proclaim my thoughts to people walking by? I don’t think so. Ah, well, I guess I could if I were drunk or was given a lot of money, but when I’m drunk I’m usually not at the town square and the latter is rather unlikely (but e-mail me if you have the money).

Hmmm… I gotta go. Can’t stop thinking about Stine and Kine talking. And now I guess they are over at HΓ₯kons place with Klas, too - even more people to talk shite… great… Whish me luck tomorrow, all right? Luckluckluckluckluckluck…


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