In the beginning of April I ordered the first seasons of The Simpsons and Futurama on DVD. I placed the order at an online mail order company in Denmark because their DVDs are affordable and they ship to Norway. What I didn’t think of was the import tax, which added an extra 24% plus the clearance service charge to the price.

What’s all this crap about protecting domestic businesses?

Now I’ve started to collect the UK Region 2 versions of both series, meaning I have to keep on ordering UK Region 2 versions. I might be able to track them down in Norwegian stores, but I’ll probably end up ordering from the same Danish online store. I’m also collecting South Park, so far I’ve got all the seasons that have been released on DVD. But I want more. Cause cartoons are cool. Got any other suggestions, some other animated goodies I should check out? I’ve watched a few episodes of The Family Guy but can’t get the hang of it.

And I need to drag my ass to the movies to see Kill Bill Volume 2.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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Neon Genesis, Evangelion is a real bitch to come by in Norway… I had to get my collection (and yes it’s complete) all the way from Australia..

Well .. enough relaxing.. back to working on my masters-report..

If I’m not mistaken, Hallvard was watching this one while we were living in the same basement apartment in Trondheim. I watched a couple of episodes, too, but quickly realised that it wasn’t the kind of series where you can jump in somewhere in the fourth episode and tag along.

The complete series is available on DVD for only aprox. £70. Hmmmm…

How good is it compared to, say, Akira and Ghost in the Shell, which are both classics and possibly hard to compare against anything?

1. how about collecting Pokemon? they even have their own card game, clothing, and a bunch of other merchandise. :-P (check out . they have an awesome little cartoon series about a little ninja. really cool)

2. yes you really need to see Kill Bill 2. it’s an awesome movie. liked it alot. Håkon (check out the Cast) and myself is wondering if we should pick up fencing again.


Pokemon .. *urgh* uæææhh..

Compared to Ghost and Akira, NGE is more drama.. no .. not drama.. atleast not in the western sense.. it’s more like action only inside the head of the main character.. everyday things like is huge inferiority complex, having to save the world all the time, being 14 (I think), etc.. and that’s basically why you can’t just start watching in the middle..

oh.. if you do decide to buy it be sure to pick up the two extra movies, NGE – Death & Rebirth and NGE – The end of evangelion .. the director wasn’t happy with the finale two episodes so he made a couple of movies as well.. :)

You can also borrow the first couple of disc from me if you want to “try before you buy” .. :)

Also .. if you liked Akira and Ghost your could check out the Patlabor and Armitage movies..

Pokemon is not my style, so you have to collect those yourself, Klas. And I don’t think you and Håkon should pick up fencing again. If you do, you should at least stay away from Asian night clubs. OK?

Sure, I’ll borrow, .beldin – do you ship, them? :)

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