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Another New Look

Yeah, the site design has changed. Again. It’s a modified version of Blogum by Wpshower. For the first time I’ve gone three columns and optimized the design for screens 1280 pixels wide (or wider). But if you’re stuck in the past or visiting with a mobile device with a not-so-wide screen, fear not! Through the magic of Media Queries you will be presented with a narrower version of the design if your screen does not support the 1280 pixel wide version. Everything will look a bit crammed together, but it will work.

The original Blogum design makes heavy use of header images in each and very entry. Great if you have a lot of high quality images lying around or if you have the time to hunt down photos with an Attribution Create Commons license. I don’t really have a lot of images lying around so you probably won’t see a lot of header images. This time I’ve made an exception, however; I’ve added two iMacs to the header. Why? Because we all know that every great web designer use a Mac. So now you’ll automatically assume that this is a great web design. You Mac-whore, you.

Most of the features from the old design made it through to the new one, sans the huge footer and the “last played” widget. A shame, really, because I enjoy forcing my exceptional taste in music on people, much in the same way as I enjoy forcing my opinions on you. But unfortunately, I didn’t find any room for it. Maybe it will reappear in a future revision. Or maybe not. The text size might also be boosted a little, because now it just feels a bit small. Or is it OK? I don’t know. Also, the comments are a bit hidden below the entry and with this font size, I have to write a hell of a lot to make the entry and the comments merge nicely.

But all in all, I’m pleased with the result.

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