August was a good month entry-wise, with entry after entry just flowing through. September looks like it will be rather slow. I’m not quite sure why, but I just can’t find anything to write about these days and when I do it all comes out in fourth-grade-style writing and that sucks monkey balls.

I don’t know what worst, no posts or irregular, low quality garbage. Based on the site logs, pictures of hot chicks are more popular than anything. Just yesterday, [this][1] entry alone generated almost five hundred hits. Go figure.

In the middle of moving I started playing EVE Online after reading about the big EVE Online scam last month. Roar had a friend who had a 14-day trail invite, so I sat down a played for a while.

It’s quite entertaining, and I could probably get hooked - just like with Anarchy Online. I did, however, lose some of the interest when the proud space vessel I’d spent hours and hours building with my hard earned cash was blown to pieces by what should’ve been an easy challenge.

Just as well, since I, as most of you, don’t have the time for a time-consuming hobby. Although I should get a time-consuming hobby.