Another Saturday night, another party

Way too many people were gathered at Klas, Håkon and Anders’ place up at Moholt yesterday night. For me, the party was OK, but nothing to write a book about, to put it that way. I split at two in the morning, and Kristoffer started to complain about it, since I also went home pretty early the last time we partied together at Moholt. But I just felt like going home.

On my unholy quest to tell the world about the brilliant music of Matthew Good, I downloaded his latest video and showed it to Håkon and his kid sisters, Anne (studying some biology thing in Trondheim) and Hilde (still stuck in high school). Anne really liked it, maybe a little too well - now I’m the progress of burning a shitload of Matthew Good Band CDs for her. I thought I’d do it right away, the last time I was supposed to burn a CD for her, it took me half a year.

Kine went totally off the scale with her digital camera last night and took a nice load of pictures. She got beyond drunk and were still drinking when I left, so I guess she won’t be online for a while yet, but when she is, I’ll have her send me the picture. If you’re really lucky, you might see some of them online tonight. According the Klas, the last guest went home at 6:30 this morning. I wonder who that was. Maybe he got lucky. Or unlucky.

And we also SPAMed Roar’s guestbook pretty hard.


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