Another weekend, another few beers

Then it’s Sunday, I wake up from another good night downtown. As always, there are a lot of things to write, but unfortunately I’m writing this with my full name, cell phone number and other contact information available somewhere else on the site. Not that I plan to write anything bad about anyone, but things might just come out wrong. And if I would accidently drop a nice compliment or two, someone might not get that it was just a compliment and think that I’m trying to get into their pants and start to avoid me at all costs. That a guy gives you a compliment doesn’t necessarily mean that he want to see you nekkid, damn it! I’ve already written way to much. Get the problem?

What I need is another site, where I write more juicy stuff and everyone involved are given fake names and I’m not even living in Norway, but, say, New York. Or some small African village.

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad