Another weekend, another few beers

Then it’s Sunday, I wake up from another good night downtown. As always, there are a lot of things to write, but unfortunately I’m writing this with my full name, cell phone number and other contact information available somewhere else on the site. Not that I plan to write anything bad about anyone, but things might just come out wrong. And if I would accidently drop a nice compliment or two, someone might not get that it was just a compliment and think that I’m trying to get into their pants and start to avoid me at all costs. That a guy gives you a compliment doesn’t necessarily mean that he want to see you nekkid, damn it! I’ve already written way to much. Get the problem?

What I need is another site, where I write more juicy stuff and everyone involved are given fake names and I’m not even living in Norway, but, say, New York. Or some small African village.


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