I have to hand in my project on Friday. I’m on schedule, but I still hate to have things like this hanging over me, and it stresses me out. Yet another thing about my personality that will probably shorten my life span. Hopefully, I’ll learn to deal with it, and stop getting stressed when there is not need to be.

I don’t have any pictures from yesterday’s party at Klas' place, but Tomas and Anders took some, so I might be able to get my hands on them soon.

Project “NO IM” is still going strong. The plan was to relaunch Trillian today, but Stine has been here the whole day, so I really haven’t felt the need to chit-chat on the Internet. I’m coming back online tomorrow, though.

There are a few strange mouse-over errors on my site if you’re using the new Opera 7 Beta 1, but I’m not going to do any changes just yet, as the error might be caused by Opera and not me. Both my CSS and HTML validates with W3C.

My SETI@home cache, jSetiDoor, decided to go haywire on me some time yesterday and stopped sending finished working units back to Berkeley. That explains why I only had three WUs transferred yesterday, and 31 so far today after I managed to de-clog the cache.

Two new sites have entered textad rotation this weekend, say hello to doodlemonger.com and sisamez.com. I will hopefully have time to do a few changes to the system tomorrow, with a few options for the ones having textads to monitor the status of their current add.