April fool

The site is now back to normal. If you visited some time today between 14:00 CET and now, you probably noticed my rather pathetic attempt on an April fool joke. It wasn’t planned and the best one I could come up with on short notice, when Hallvard started bitching about the lack of the 1st of April-fun on my site. Last year, me, Klas and Tomas pulled a rather good one on the people we went to Brazil with. We made a fake version of a Norwegian newspaper and wrote a story about Brazilian air traffic control employees going on strike for several months. This was only a couple of weeks before we were supposed to go home, and some of the girls started to phone home, asking if their insurance would cover this and so on. We were evil. But it was fun. Want to see this year’s “joke”?. Then click, the link, foo!

A couple of days ago Radio.Wazee played a track from a live show by an artist named John Mayer. It was nice and laid back, but kind of up-beat at the same time, a very nice combination and certainly an art to master. So I got Hallvard to download one of his albums, so I could listen through some of his songs. It’s quite good, and I might just end up buying the album. If I’m not getting tired of it too soon.

So, for a bit of technical site news, most people could just skip this paragraph, I guess: I’ve tried a couple of tips and tricks I’ve learned from e-mails I’ve received to get Opera to render the site correctly. But because Opera doesn’t claim to handle the application/xhtml+xml MIME type properly, which it does, if you force it to, the trick didn’t work. So I’m still waiting for the version of Opera that will not behave like IE and mess things up. I could, of course, solve the whole problem just by removing a single line in the code, that would make it invalid XHTML, so I’m not gonna.

I thought this week was going to be a pretty busy one. I was supposed to go to a meeting in the Basketball administration, but their cutting the power in the building we were supposed to have the meeting, so it’s pushed to next Tuesday. And tomorrow we were supposed to have a friendly match against the women’s first team, but that game was cancelled by their coach. They would have mangled us anyway, I guess.


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