Yesterday the girlfriend packed her bag and went home. No, she didn’t leave me, she decided to visit her mother this weekend. Unfortunately, she only made it to the railway station before three Polish guys decided to mug her.

Any police officer in any large city will tell you that it’s a classic case: Two guys pretend they want to help her by grabbing her suitcase, while the third guy, which she never saw, picks her pockets and gets away with her wallet.

When she realized what has happened, she found one of the guys and confronted him. By now they are on the train, which is absolutely packed. She asks the fellow about the wallet, but of course he knows nothing about anything. No one else on the train gives a fuck.

Meanwhile, the train has started moving towards the next station, where it eventualy stops and the guy wants to get off. Naturally, she does not want him to do this, but holding a lot of luggage, it’s a bit hard to force him to stay on the train. She asks other people to do it, but again no one gives a fuck.

In the end, while she is calling the cops, the guy gets away. Because we don’t give a fuck when people we don’t know are in trouble. We’re a nation of pussies.

Why is that? Media tells us that if we get involved, we’ll get beaten up or even killed. Living in Norway, which is a welfare state, we’re not used to really do anything to live an acceptable life; tired of working, eh? Well, get your ass on welfare, let someone else to pay for your cigarettes and beer. Someone getting mugged? Hey, it’s not my problem, so I don’t want to get involved.

We’re not a nation of pussies. We’re a nation of spoiled pussies.

All that said, I don’t expect that we all start to play heroes. It’s important to evaluate the situation and don’t do anything stupid. But if possible, what about a little support, even if it’s just morale support? It was one bad guy in that train cart, and more than fifty good guys. Stop tolerating stuff like this.