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New Noise.

You’ve all probably read the Noise entry and now you’re wondering how I did in the search for a new amplifier. OK, so you’re not, but I’ll still tell you about it.

Me and Anniken took the old amplifier down to Hi-Fi Klubben, where I bought it. Taking the amplifier with us was a last minute thing, I knew it was at least two years old and figured that the repairs would not covered by the store when the amplifier was that old. But I’m very happy we did take it with us, because it turned out that the store is required by law to cover repairs for five years, not two, like I thought.

The very helpful staff in the store confirmed that they also heard the static noise in the right front speaker, concluded that repairing the amplifier would be more expensive than to actually give me a brand new one. So they picked up a Denon AVR-1611 from their storage room and simple gave it to me, no charge.

On top of this I got an additional five years the store-have-to-pay-for-repairs on the new Denon. That was probably the most surprising thing about it all and if this continues I’ll never have to buy a new amplifier ever again. I just have to hope they all go tits up every four years.



I praised the Forerunner in my previous entry, but since Sunday I’ve found a serious flaw: Every time you start a workout, a message telling that “jogging can cause intense muscle pains” should be displayed. Going downhill really messed up my thigh muscles and I’ve been walking around like an 80 year old since Monday. Today was the first day I’ve been able to get down the stairs without clinging to the railing. Sounds like I have to go for another jog soon, yes?

And now for something completely different.

A couple of years ago I bought a dead cheap surround amplifier from Argon. It was a demo model they’d used in the store and I got the amplifier and a region free DVD player for 900 NOK, about €114. A bargain. The DVD player gave me a mild electric shock if I touched it whenever it was plugged in a wall socket, but the amplifier worked like a charm until a few weeks ago, when a static noise began to sound from the right front speaker. Cleaning and dusting the insides of the amplifier didn’t help – I’ve successfully “fixed” a similar problem doing that in the past. The reason for the static noise is evidently a soon-to-fail thingy inside the amplifier and since I don’t have the wiring diagram, an oscilloscope, spare parts or the skills to fix it, I’m guessing it’s about time to get a new surround amplifier. Continue reading "Noise."


Nexus One?

Google recently unveiled the HTC built Nexus One, an Android phone poised to challenge even the mighty iPhone. I have praised Android in the past, and is the happy owner of an HTC Hero. I have even been talking about starting to create applications for the Android platform, but that is yet to happen. Even though the Hero is a great phone, it has a few shortcomings compared to the iPhone and the screen is what comes to mind first. The camera also sucks monkey balls and it doesn’t come with a flash. Neither does the iPhone, though, and I don’t really use my phone as a camera that much, but every time I do, I wish the Android camera was a little better, at least when there is not much ambient light around.

Nexus One

So, what about it? Should I ditch my HTC Hero in favor of a brand new Nexus One? It’s an impressive piece of hardware that is crammed with lots of equally impressive software and with the recent update from Google, it has also got multitouch support. The screen is huge, the Snapdragon processor is lightning fast and the phone has even got a “Tri-color clickable trackball“. Come on, what more can you possible ask for!? Continue reading "Nexus One?"


How To Build a Silent Mini-ITX server.

After I moved this site to my own, home grown Mini-ITX server, I realized that I needed a new one. The current server didn’t have the horsepower to cope with the odd request peaks I was seeing and with only half of the 1GB of available RAM being recognized by the motherboard, I had a major problem. Even though the VIA CPU featured passive cooling, the chassis fan made a lot of noise and while disabling the fan didn’t make the server too hot, it just unveiled the fact that the hard drives were quite noisy as well.

So I set off on a quest to find the ultimate Mini-ITX for a home server for my web server and mail server. The server had to be both powerful and silent, meaning no noisy power supply, no CPU fans and no clicking hard drives. The only real way to achieve this is by building a server with no moving parts at all. I also wanted to use a enclosure that looked nice enough to have in the living room. After a lot of research I ended up with the following hardware:

Continue reading "How To Build a Silent Mini-ITX server."


Now With Even More Mobile Phone!

First of all: My Twitter feed is a bit more active than this site has been lately. What about following me there? A brilliant idea!

WPtouch. While browsing the interweb on my iPhone a while back, I came across a site using the WPtouch plugin for WordPress. It automagically displays your WordPress site in a more mobile-friendly way and everything works surprisingly well out of the box. It’s supposed to work well on not only the iPhone and Android handsets, but all kinds of mobile browsers. I’ve only tested on my iPhone and on someone’s HTC Hero, but it looked very nice on those two handsets. I’ve even taken the liberty to include a screen shot in this post. If you have a WordPress site, you need this plugin to better support everyone who is browsing your site on a mobile device.

And while we’re on the subject of mobile phones; I’m considering ditching my iPhone in favor of an Android handset. The HTC Hero has become rather popular at work and I’ve had the chance to play around with it for a while. So far, so good. According to the reviews I’ve read, the major drawback of the Hero is that it can be a bit laggy at times, but this has been addressed by HTC in a recent patch. Also, my first generation iPhone is getting slower and slower for each update Apple releases, opening the Messages application can take as much as half a minute some times. Continue reading "Now With Even More Mobile Phone!"

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