After I got together with Anniken I’ve been on what I guess is about a million walks. We’re a bit different when it comes to being in the apartment. I can stay inside for a whole weekend, no problem. For her, however, sitting in the apartment can make her rather restless and going for a walk is a good cure for restlessness. I tag along, and I’ve learned to like it: Partly because it’s nice to get out every once in a while, partly because I know she gets less restless. And of course I really enjoy her company.

After I did the Android Camera App Review and bought and installed Vignette, I’ve brought my “phone” with me and shot a few pictures on our walks. Here are a couple of them, and I got to say that Vignette really puts that final, magical touch to most of them.

The railroad that goes by our apartment. Right now it�s closed for traffic because they are doing maintenance work about a kilometer down the track. So no pictures of trains. I like trains.
One of the many new buildings down in Bjørvika, Oslo. The area is called The Bar Code and has a lot of great architecture. Worth a visit.
The Bar Code, Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway.
The Bar Code, Bjørvika, Oslo, Norway.
Brynseng metro station. A new acquaintance for many commuters these days.
The offices of the mobile phone operator Tele2 at Brynseng, Oslo, Norway.