Today I had my third and - so far - longest run this year. Only three runs in just as many weeks is pretty damn lazy, but I did plan to go for another one this week. Unfortunately, life is designed so that more often than not things just don’t go according to plan: Last Sunday I spent in the park with good friends; eating, drinking and talking about life, the universe and everything. The next two days I spent puking tiny pieces of typical park food and that took its toll on my ability and motivation to start running around.

But today I felt better and took off out into the wild. I was planning to plot the route in Google Maps using the GPS file from the Forerunner and use it to brag about my run by posting it here, but it turned out that getting this done was a bit of a pain. So you’ll just have to take my word for it: From Gamlebyen, via Bryn to Østensjøvannet, around that and back home again via Helsfyr. A nice route, but perhaps a bit to much up and down for my taste.

Next week looks kind of bad in terms of running because I’m busy every afternoon except for tomorrow, but it’s not very likely that I will set out on another adventure that early. My feet hurt now and there’s a good chance they’ll feel a bit funky tomorrow as well.

Now it’s time to eat some dinner before the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2010 from Montreal starts. Damn Hamilton is in pole position, but we can always hope that he spins off in the first corner, making way for the Red Bull team.

I went to Canada once, but I can’t really remember if Montreal was one of the cities I visited. Memories - they fade. Bye, bye, memories. No hard feelings, I hope?