At the Movies

So, you like movies, right? Of course you do. To save you the hassle, I went ahead and found a few movies you probably should see in the coming weeks and months.


We’ll start off with some animated action. It’s from DreamWorks. Can it possibly fail?

But wait! There is more.

Tron: Legacy

I’ve got a confession to make: I never saw the original Tron movie. That’s some nerd. I honestly have to say that I’m not too sure about this trailer, but I’m guessing I’ll try to trick Anniken into going with me to this one. The original sound track is by Daft Punk, and it’s one of the better movie sound tracks I’ve heard. If you have Spotify installed, you can give it a go here.

Battle: Los Angeles

Ah, aliens and the apocalypse. Two things that match just right. This movie looks like it’s able to match both subjects quite well. I can only see one thing wrong in the trailer and that’s Michelle Rodriguez. For some reason I just can’t stand her, it could be because she’s always playing the tough chick who’s mad at the everything, but who is very soft on the inside of her hard shell. All she needs is the tender love of a man to bring out the kitteh.

Family Guy: It’s a trap!

I’m immature, I enjoy Star Wars and I like Family Guy. Even though you won’t be able to watch this one in a cinema theater, the trailer’s worth a look.

Cowboys and Aliens

This one can easily go both ways: Crappy Movie of the Year or perhaps we’ll end up leaving the cinema feeling up being adequately entertained.

Cars 2

My nephew will go completely off the hook when he realizes there’s a new Cars movie coming next year. Judging by the amount of Cars merchandise he’s got, he has practically sponsored this new movie.

So, off you go. To the movies!


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