Avoid London. Area closed

I’m at work waiting for a client to send me an e-mail, I really can’t find the concentration I need to do any real work now, so I might as well write an entry.

You probably all know what happened in London today. If you don’t, you’d better wake up and smell the damn coffee. Bombs went off on the tube and on one bus and so far about 30 people have been confirmed dead. An unknown group calling itself the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe has claimed responsibility for the bombings. Did al-Qaeda open a European branch? Probably not, my first guess is that instead some nutcases decided to go ahead and hold their own party, independent of the al-Qaeda organization. But they believe in the same things as al-Qaeda and naturally want to be associated with them. So basically you’ve got a gang of extreme extremists running around. If you as much as resemble someone from any Arabic country, I seriously doubt you’ll be allowed to take any public transportation during the next couple of days.

Another nice theory for the conspiracy nuts is that George Bush orchestrated the whole thing so that he could get the rest of the G8 members to give him the money he need to continue the war on terror.

Yeah, that’s a good one.

Actually, Espen is in London today. We’re attending a meeting there, and either him or me had to go. He went. I did not. Our offices in London are not that far from two of the train stations struck by bombs. I usually get off on one of them, and I probably would’ve been on one of the tubes around the time the bombs went off. Espen had to change hotels yesterday, so he took another line to the office today. Random events in life tend to affect it quite a bit.

And now for my short review of War of the Worlds. It was certainly a whole lot better than AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. I was entertained during most of the movie, much thanks to gigantic explosions and the hope that maybe, just maybe, Tom Cruise would be blown to pieces. Sure, he’s a cool actor, and I loved him in Collateral, but god damn, someone got to tell him to start thinking or close his mouth and keep it shut.

Sure the movie had a couple of somewhat illogical twists like the magically EMP-resistant Hitachi camcorder, giant trumpet-playing tripods buried underground millions of years ago, a very technologically advanced alien race unfamiliar with the concept of thermal footprints (instead of quickly scanning each building for heat signals, let’s send down a mob of little grey men to search every basement) and it had a somewhat sudden ending, but you don’t hear me complain. It had aliens, it had explosions, it had guns. In short, it was a good movie. All it really missed to become a very good movie were some hot chicks running around.

While we’re at it, here’s my theory on the sudden ending and how the aliens died (I never read the book): Our immune system took care of it. The white blood cells in the blood the aliens sucked from their prey simply attacked and killed the biological parts of the tripod. Or something like that. I’ve got a vivid imagination. One would think that maybe the aliens would’ve figured out that this could happen during the millions of years they’d been watching us, but sometimes you just miss out on those important details.

That’s all folk. I’ve got the e-mail. Now, to the park.


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