Since Grand Theft Auto IV kept me busy during my designated gaming time for a while, I didn’t play EVE Online much. Except for logging in to start training a new skill whenever my character finished one, I didn’t play at all. But now I’ve finished the GTA IV story line missions and since I’m not much of a multi player person, I’ve left the streets of Liberty City and returned to the vast EVE Online universe.

And what remarkable timing it was. Just a day before I finished GTA IV, my Icelandic heroes at CCP released another free EVE Online expansion, Empyrean Age. To be honest, I’m not too up to date on the story line behind the expansion, but it introduces the concept of Fractional Warfare - great stuff if you like to blow things up, but not so interesting if you’re a care bear, like myself. You should go ahead and download the official trailer to have a look.