hings are starting to fall into place. Like every spring, I’ve got a couple of end term exams to read for, a few exercises to deliver. This design has been active for about 4 or so months now and (as forseen) I’m getting tired of it. I need to go through the code to make it easier to work locally and remotely without messing up database and directory references every time I upload a file. Do I have the time to streamline code, work on the design and update the site. As usually, no. Oh, well… Maybe I sleep too much.

I gotta run now, have to get an appointment at the hairdressers to get rid of 3 months worth of hair, need to send a birtday present to one of the girls I met in Brazil (I managed to ruin her favorite book, let’s hope she doesn’t read this) and I need to buy some groceries.

Wish me luck - it’s a cruel world out there! More updates comming up during the day, evening and night (I think).