I’m finding it increasingly hard to entertain myself. I tend to get bored very quickly in my own company. Just a few months ago, I could sit for hours and hours with my site, for instance. Or six hours straight in front of the Xbox. These days I sit down for ten minutes and it totally fails to entertain me. I have no idea why, it’s strange. Maybe I need a new hobby that doesn’t involve computers?

This week I had the two worst days of my working life to date, and even though I’m pretty sure I’ll have days those that again, I really hope I won’t. They basically sucked major ass. It felt a bit like a well-targeted kick in the nuts. But I survived, and I feel like I’ve got my head above water at the moment.

Now I’m off for a run; my MP3 player full of vocal trance from Digitally Imported. It’s usually not the type of music I like to listen to while running, but trying new things is always good. Unfortunately, I’m on 24/7 support duty this week, and I have to bring the fucking support cell with me. Hopefully no one will call when I’m at Smestad… It’s a long way home from there.

And, yeah, I know it’s Friday, but Klas is getting drunk in Finland, so he’s not here to remind me.

Have a good weekend, people.