Back to Reality

August is coming up and four weeks of me dicking around (also known as “enjoying my summer vacation”) are about to come to a grinding halt. On Monday it’s time to get get back into the rat race. What have I been up to? Except for the cruise and the trip to Trondheim, not much. Not much at all. It’s been raining most of the time, which suits me well, since it means I can stay inside without being reminded by everyone that I should get my ass out in the sun instead. But when the few times the sun has been able to break through the cloud ceiling, I have actually been outside, believe it or not. Shock and horror! I’ve been jogging a little and even been to Lørenskog a few times with my bike. It’s not Tour de France, but at least I’ve not been completely stationary for three weeks.

I’ve also spent a little time in the hammock, where I finished reading Dune for the third or fourth time today. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the best science fiction novel I’ve ever read. I’ve also saw the movie in July, and I have to say that David Lynch’ 1984 adaption of Frank Herbert’s novel merely is a bleak attempt to move the Dune Herbert envisioned to the silver screen. And if you haven’t read the book before you see the movie, I imagine the movie experience can be quite confusing. That said, the Dune novel is a complicated piece of writing and I guess creating a movie based on it is also a rather complicated task.

I can also rapport that the hammock is still securely attached to the terrace ceiling and I no longer lay down in it fearing for my life. Good stuff! There’s no better place to fall asleep than in a hammock.

And that’s it. I probably should have socialized more than I did this month, but I’ll make up for that in August. So now you know - and knowing is half the battle.


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