Bah... Every day is a Monday

Not much happening these days. Each day I’m working 8 hours, then reading 20 pages for my exams in August (a.k.a. Summer Games). Got a D on one of the exams I took at the end of the semester, not extremely good, but better than I had expected. I didn’t flunk - and that made me happy.

Then the whores over at RIAA shut down all my favorite streams. Both SomaFM and Bluemars had to go - and that really pissed me off.

The weekend I spent i Kragerø where I celebrated Terje’s birthday in the company of old friends and some new ones. That was a great weekend - and it made me happy.

During Sunday I started to think about Life, The Universe and Everything (yes, I’ve read the book, and it wasn’t that good - sue me). Thinking about all that usually overloads my brain - and that made the rest of the day a serious downer.

Then I found a killer Dell laptop at QXL, which I got the winning bid on - that made me happy. Because I could need a laptop next semester.

Now I’m having a hard time getting hold of the seller - and that annoys me.

The guys are always playing soccer when I’m at work. Or asleep, exhausted from work - and that annoys me, too.

As you might have figured out by now, my life has been like a good roller coaster ride the last couple of days. Right now I’m somewhere in between a slope and a peak. And it can go either way, up or down. Hard to say.

Wish me luck.


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