Ball Games, panic & closure. At least soon

And this is what happened: Once again I’ve made the long story short. A longer and more detailed version of this entry was online for a couple of hours, but the writer, editor and publisher (that’s me, me and me respectively) decided that some things are best left unsaid in public and had most of the entry removed and replaced by this paragraph. What happened on Saturday night now goes something like this:

That completes the story of Vegard and Stine. The door is locked and the key is thrown away. The music is gone, the show is over. Fade to black, end credits.

Because of the long car and bus rides, the moving, the รผber-cleaning of the house, and the thing with Stine, I’ve been complete stressed out this weekend, slept little and eaten even less. My head hurts, I’m dizzy, and I need both sleep and food, but I have to prepare for a job interview tomorrow. With these preparations, it’ll probably go straight to hell. But I hope for something better.

Fuck this.

I hope that you’ll see more entries about people entering my life than leaving it in the future.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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These things pass with time.. Personally I only think about a girl I once knew about once or twice every three months.. and she ripped out my hearth, threw it on the ground and jumped up and down on it until it completely disappeared.. I think I might even handle passing her on the street in a year or two..

ah.. enough with the merry chitchat and back to work..

The comment below was posted as I was re-writing the entry.

It should be said that Stine was not the one ripping my hearth out, I was the one ripping her heart out, and I did it twice. And that makes my reactions even stranger.

‘Nuff said. Case closed.

I like the new version aswell.. :) ..but then again I don’t have to feel cheated by not having the oppertunity to read the long one before it got edited.. :P

You lucky bastard, you! You should check your browser cache for the original version of the entry, sell it and get rich quick.

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