Hell-month at RDML has started, but as promised, I keep on bringing you daily updates. Whether you like it or not.

We’ve started to use Skype exclusively for international calls - at least whenever the people in the other end also use it - so we decided to buy a couple of Logitech Premium USB 300 headsets, just to make it a little easier to type, talk and listen at the same time. The sound quality was supposed to be awesome, but it sucks. The headphones that came with my the Nex II player I bought over two years ago are way better than the Logitech headset. A real disappointment.

Tonight I managed to break V-Box, my Mini-ITX development server running Debian. It’s nothing serious, I just wanted to have it configured to appear on the same network subnet as my computer at work. In the process, I managed to screw up some of the network settings, which kicked it off my LAN at home. I don’t have a screen nor a keyboard for it, so it might take a while to get it back online. Can any of you people configure a Debian box with mind control? Or maybe a computer exorcist would help?

I guess the girls in Cali don’t worry about things like headphones and network settings.

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe