"Be smart. Travel more!" Can someone please explain this slogan for me?

Because I don’t get it. Thank you.

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  1. i suppose it would sort of work the other way around. “travel more, become smarter”(as you would hopefully learn something whilst travelling) or somesuch. but no, i have no idea..

  2. People compare the things with what they have seen and experienced. Experiencing new things expands their capability of comparison. That’s why,the more you travel, the smarter you become. You can’t talk about white if you don’t know what black is.

  3. Yeah :) you are right.. that means the people who prepared this advertisement didn’t share the same opinions with me.Oohh.. that made me comletely disappointed, anyway life goes on. You know, nowadays it is difficult to find good advertisers. So there is only one option left, this advertisement is just for those who can be cheated easily. Everything between birth and death consists of lies, this is just one of them.

    by the way, I think your slogan is much more better than theirs !!! it should have been “Travel more. Get smarter”.