Insurance is important. Today everything looks bright any shiny, tomorrow you could get hit by a bus. We’re living in a world were it’s all about the Benjamins, so if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you’re unable to get paid work a backup plan is a must-have.

I’m insured through work, an insurance plan that actually covers me when I’m not at work, too. Today I decided to read through the papers and found a few interesting clauses and definitions:

Damage to the mind, for instance shock is not considered an injury.

Basically this means that you shouldn’t open e-mails sent from your colleagues on a Friday afternoon. In particular, if you see the word “goatse”, don’t even think about opening it. Ever. You’re about to search for the word on the Googlenet, right? Don’t. Not safe for work! Or ever. You could have a look here for an extremely well-done hack related to it, though.

The insurance does not cover mountain climbing outside the Nordics.

What does this mean? Are the mountains outside the Nordics more dangerous than the Nordic mountains? Sound a bit weird to me, but since I’m not planning to climb any mountain, it doesn’t really matter.

The insurance does not cover injuries caused by piloting a military jet aircraft.

Will the insurance perhaps cover me if I crash land a military propeller aircraft, then?

In case of vacations abroad, the insurance does not cover, under any circumstances, anything related to the outbreak of war, declared or not, between the following countries: France, The People’s Republic of China, Great Britain and the United States of America.

The insurance is invalid if I’m on vacation abroad and World War III breaks out.

All of the exceptions above [the insurance does not cover…] is not valid if the injuries are caused by actions to prevent damage to property or injuries to other people.

Be a hero today - you are insured!

The morale of the story is that it’s probably a very good idea to read through your insurance papers and get the plan extended if it doesn’t cover your needs. Maybe it’s a good idea to have a look at that Word War III insurance plan?