Beefcake. Again.

Today I once again start The New LifeTM in an attempt to get in better shape (again). As you know, I’ve tried it before, but I’ve kind of lost it because of lack of motivation and work and injuries and stuff – this time I hope to do better. It’s free, too, which is great. There is a hotel in the same building as our office and they have an exercise room in the basement that can be used free of charge by the hotel guests and the people working in the building. Excellent.

So now I plan to go there each and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today is Wednesday, so I had my first session – actually with the other guys I work with. It was a pretty light session, but it was good to get back in the loop.

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  1. maybe you should do some tests when you work out, and post the results here? that way we could all cheer you on in your project to get in shape.

    it is not a great idea? I could do the same on my blog if you like.


    Anonymous Coward: what’s cool? and why don’t you enter your name?

  2. I didn’t really mean we should compete with each other. we don’t have to post any results at all. it would how ever be fun to have something to reach for. I am a much better competitor when I am challenged by someone else. how about we try to improve our general fitness and use the Cooper test as a measure of that? we could run, ski, use the treadmill or whatever.


    (for the non-jocks out there–> the cooper test is a test of how far you run in 12 minutes.)