I’ve now been going to the gym for almost a year. Ever since I started, my focus has been cycling and running, but now I’ve decided to walk down to the first floor of the building and work on my upper body muscles as well. Just writing that feels unnatural in a way. I’ve always been that skinny guy, my bones are unnaturally small for my age and when I registered to do my mandatory military service when I was 19, the guy handing out equipment told me I had the smallest head he’d ever seen. Way to go to boost a guy’s self esteem, dude!

Despite the size of my head, though, the army managed to teach me how to maim and kill.

At the gym it’s possible to get instructions from people who know how to work out correctly. When you feel you need it, simply book half an hour with one of them. And it’s all for free. Then again, with the monthly fee they are charging, I should be able to have someone do the actual workout for me as well. I’ve had a half an hour session with one of the guys and he showed me what kind of equipment to use and how to use it. For now I’m mostly trying to do things right and to get a good balance between the number of repetitions, sets and the weights used.

On Friday I had my first solo-tour, and doing it on a Friday was a good idea. At most, we were six or seven people in the entire gym, so there was no waiting in line to get to use the equipment. When I went for the second time yesterday, however, it was total chaos. It was impossible to count the number of people there, almost every piece of equipment had a never ending queue and the majority of the people had a pretty long first floor track record judging by the way they looked.

But even though I’ve only worked out twice, I’m already starting to notice changes: My genitals are shrinking in size, when I’m walking I’m always holding my arms away from my body at about twenty degrees and I’m constantly looking for people to beat up. This sounds like the start of something big!

By the way, if you’re not getting the “Beefcake!” reference, here’s a little help: