Beer went in, no rant came out

Yup, I ended up drinking beer at Samfundet. Yesterday was Back to School-party, which is usually very, very crowded - at least it was that last year. But this year, it was kind of slim, for some strange reason. But I met a few people I haven’t seen in a while, and that was nice. For the last half hour there, a very good rant materialized itself in my head, but on my way home I sobered up enough to realize that posting it would probably not have been a very good idea. The last time I was out drinking, I did post a rant when I got home, you can have a look at it if you want to: #222: When the realities hit you.

With this post, the second picture I posted of the ΓΌber-hot Danish party chicks will be pushed down into the archives. I could of course post another picture, but I think I’ll just link to the other two instead. For some good reasons to party in Denmark, have a look at #220: Danish party-chicks bowling for free in Columbine. and #225: Danish chicks - you just gotta love ‘em.

And, as promised, some highlights from the webcam are now online. Oh, behave…


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