Behave, Kitty!

After using Leopard for some days now I have been able to remove most of those small annoyances that surface along the way. I’ve also noticed that it looks like my MacBook Pro uses less juice when it’s being powered by the battery and that a great thing. There is one thing, however, that has started to happen that’s annoying as hell.

My Apple “It Just Works” MacBook Pro has started to lock up when it wakes from sleep.

Judging by the uproar on the Apple Support forums, I’m far from the only one who experience this and it seems like the problem is present on a wide range of different hardware platforms and configurations. I certainly hope that Apple is able to release a fix quickly since laptop users in particular tend to move the computer around and put it to sleep a lot1.

  1. Apple is using the expression “put your computer to sleep” all the time and I can’t help thinking about old dogs. ↩︎


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