Behold, my children

OK, here goes, a tiny update for all you faithful visitors.

As you might have gathered, I’m damn busy at the moment, and that leaves me with very little time to do anything else but being busy. Updating my site is one of those things I don’t have the time to do. In addition to being busy I eat, sleep, shower and go to the bathroom every now and then. In short: I really don’t have a life at the moment, and it might stay that way for quite some time.

I’ve done three things not related to being busy since the last update:

So, what the hell am I busy with? I’m not telling! But if I were to tell, I would use words like “world”, “take” and “over”.

I’m working on a system that’ll make it a bit easier for me to update the site. It involves a cam phone. For my views on cam phones, read Beware of the Cam Phone. Then you’ll know what to expect.


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