Installing Grand Theft Auto Vice City was a dumb, dumb idea. I’ve been wanting to play it all day, and that’s not a good thing when you should be writing a report. Fortunately, I only wasted about one hour on the game, and on to top of that I was surprisingly effective today. I’ve also bought myself a point-and-click device after my trackball broke down a couple of weeks ago. This time I decided to go for a mouse to give my thumb some rest, since I’ve been using a trackball for quite a few years now. I went for the mid-range Logitech MouseMan Optical with dual sensors. It’s not exactly the pro-gamer’s choice, but since I don’t need absolute accuracy for Counter-Strike - I usually get shot in the head before I see the other players - the MouseMan is just what I need. It fits very good in my palm, too.

A couple of weeks ago I installed POPFile. POPFile is an automatic mail classification tool. Once properly set up and trained, it will work in the background of your computer, scanning mail as it arrives and filing it however you wish. You can give it a simple job, like separating out junk e-mail, or a complicated one - like filing mail into a dozen folders. I’m sorting all my mail into five buckets; personal, web, work, other and SPAM. At the time of posting, POPFile has classified 1,324 e-mail, 509 of them SPAM, with an accuracy of 94.78%. That sure is much better than most anti-SPAM applications out there. If that sounds interesting, you should have a look at the POPFile homepage. Installing and setup will take you less then ten minutes. POPFile is also May’s Project of the Month over at

In the previous post I mentioned that I was considering hosting the site on my very own FreeBSD/Apache system. Yesterday I got yet another good reason to start doing so. I’m suddenly unable to authenticate with the SMTP server, so I can’t send mail through my domain. Not good. I was hoping the problem would just go away on its own, but I’m still unable to send any e-mails. I’ve contacted Serve The World support, so hopefully they’re working on it.

Camilla has been complaining about the lack of link to the cast section when I mention her, I might get around to write a few lines about her some day, I’m just not sure exactly what to write. I’ll probably think of something.