Being a bit sentimental for a moment

I miss Stine.

It’s been over three weeks now, and I knew I was going to start missing her at some point on my way down Singles Street. I started feeling like this the last time we broke up, too. That time I stumbled, and we got back together again. This time that will not happen. It seems like she is getting along well now, I think she has accepted the fact that it’ll never be a Stine & Vegard again, she’s moving on now. And I’ll not mess that up - again.

I miss having someone who can get me off the tracks. away from the small annoyances of Real LifeTM. Stine did that. When we shared the same bed, I always slept like a baby. Five minutes and I was a smiling captive in Dream Land. These days I sometimes need an hour or two before I finally fall asleep. And on top of all this, a friend of mine is doing quite well with the opposite sex right now. He is also rubbing it neatly in, by sending me messages like “life is gooood…” - but I’m OK with that. He’s a good guy, who deserves a good woman. And if she is as nice as she is good looking, he’s certainly got a winner.

Crap… Enough about that.

I mentioned Matthew Good a couple of entries ago, and now it looks like another talented artist, Pete Yorn is laying the final touches on a new album. ‘Day I Forgot’ is scheduled for release on April 22. I’m very excited about this album, his previous release was one of the music highlights of 2001. And this album I don’t have to order all the way from Canada, like I have to with Matthew Good’s ‘Avalanche’.

The initial plan for today was to head downtown to buy something nice for Hans Olav, whose birthday party I’m going to tomorrow. But -14 degrees Celsius effectively stopped me. The forecast for tomorrow is a laughable -1 degree Celsius, so I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning instead.


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